Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wall Street Journal Hypes the iPad as Ultimate Leisure Device

The iPad 3G arrives in stores tomorrow. Throw away your Kindle. And that's the hype coming from the Wall Street Journal.

Common Sense columnist James B. Stewart calls the Apple iPad "the ultimate leisure device: the book, newspaper, magazine, television, stereo and movie theater all rolled into one." His headline: "Punch Apple's Shares Into Your iPad, Press 'Buy'."

Personal Technology columnist Walt Mossberg thinks the iPad will replace the laptop for a lot of people. He thinks Apple has done a beautiful job. He says he got 11.5 hours of battery life playing video back to back. He says he's a fan of the Kindle but would pick the iPad for ebooks.

A Wall Street Journal poll asks readers to rate Kindle or iPad: Which is the better book-reading experience? At this writing, the score is 66.77% iPad, 28.8% Kindle, 4.5% other reader.

I tried the iPad at the Apple Store this past weekend, and thought it was great for web surfing. One problem is that it doesn't support Flash, which is used on a lots of websites. But the salesman says a lot of media websites are promising to dump Flash, including the Wall Street Journal's website.

That's a lot more than just hype.

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