Saturday, April 24, 2010

Antje Duvekot at Club Passim

Antje Duvekot headlined last night at Club Passim in Cambridge. Also on the bill of fare were Lucy Wainwright Roche (opening) and Anne Heaton (unbilled).

Speaking of the bill of fare, we continue to love the new menu, which is the old menu with smaller portions and wine and beer. The highlight last night was a vanilla ice cream float with orange soda.

Antje has a little trouble remembering the words to a new song, which I am calling Something Happens to the Neighbors.

Antje singing her goodbyes to the Dublin Boys never gets old. Dublin's loss is Cambridge's gain. Antje did two shows at Club Passim Thursday and another two shows Friday. That's a big draw for a folk artist at Club Passim.

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