Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Whereas Ann Coulter is a Hateful Woman Who Violates an Unwritten Code of 'Positive-space'

Ann Coulter was supposed to speak yesterday at Ottawa University in Canada. But that was before the Ottawa University Student Federation denounced her visit in a set of emergency resolutions and the event had to be canceled:

"Whereas Ann Coulter is a hateful woman;

"Whereas she has made hateful comments against GLBTQ, Muslims, Jews and women;

"Whereas she violates an unwritten code of 'positive-space';

"Be it resolved that the SFUO express its disapproval of having Ann Coulter speak at the University of Ottawa."

We want to know what is in the unwritten code of 'positive-space' but unfortunately and unsurprisingly it doesn't seem to be written down anywhere on the internet. Could it be something like the Code of the West? We'll find out if Ann Coulter is able to speak tomorrow tonight in Western Canada at the University of Calgary.

The good news for Ann Coulter is that she no longer faces arrest and prosecution for failing to educate herself on what apparently passes for freedom of speech in Canada. Apparently it's a crime to be a hateful woman in Canada, at least that was the import of a letter to Ann Coulter from Francois Houle, the Vice-President Academic and Provost at the University of Ottawa.

I read Francois Houle as saying:

(1) Canada doesn't subscribe to the U.S. Bill of Rights granting freedom of speech.

(2) Canada requires self-censorship in expressing provocative and controversial opinions.

(3) Opinions deemed hate speech can get you jailed in Canada.

(4) Canadian defamation laws also limit freedom of expression.

(5) You can enjoy your stay in our beautiful country, city and campus as long as you keep your mouth shut.

O Canada, Francois Houle stands on guard for thee!

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