Friday, March 19, 2010

The Glenn Beck Reeducation Camp

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Jon Stewart blackboards Glenn Beck

If you have been watching or listening to Glenn Beck recently, and who is hasn't, you now know the "truth" about American progessivism. And it must be true because he has outlined it on his blackboard.

Glenn Beck believes progressives are just the same as communists and facists. Yes, you may have thought that Presidents like Republican Teddy Roosevelt or Democrat Woodrow Wilson were great American progressives. Glenn Beck is teaching that they are no better than Stalin, Hitler, and Mao. Really?

It doesn't stop with historical figures from the early 20th Century like Roosevelt and Wilson. He believes that America is being put through a fundamental transformation. And he blames progressives.

"I'm not saying all Democrats are communists or all Republicans are fascists," says Glenn Beck. But apparently he is saying some Democrats are communists and some Republicans are fascists. And he is happy to post the pictures of the Democrats he thinks are communist on his blackboard. He hasn't been quite so quick to post pictures of the Republicans he thinks are fascists.

Progress though, is what America is all about. America is about Ben Franklin flying his kite and creating the Post Office, Thomas Edison inventing the light bulb and electrifying the world, Henry Ford using mass production to build cars for the masses. In our age, the personal computer, the internet, Google. Progress.

But you won't hear that on Glenn Beck. You will get a lot of lectures. A lot of writing on the blackboard. A lot of reeducation. A national reeducation camp, broadcast nationally every night on Fox News. Isn't that what the communists and fascists did? They ran people through reeducation camps, like Glenn Beck is doing. I'm just saying.

My favorite Glenn Beckism is, "Our founders promised our federal government would never leave this circle." Then he draws a circle on his blackboard just to the left of anarchy. And that apparently is Glenn Beck's vision of America. As close to anarchy as he can get it. Because as he shows with his concentric circles. Anything but anarchy leads to communism and fascism. I don't think so.

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