Thursday, March 13, 2008

Re: Obama ahead on all cards

There have been some questions about the math for (B), which is the most favorable count possible for Hillary. The 128 number is the net margin of Clinton delegates over Obama delegates. The Wall Street Journal puts Hillary's net margin from Florida and Michigan at 111 delegates. That would mean Barack leads by 20 under that scenario, , but actually there are uncommitted and Edwards delegates he could win too.

From a correspondent in Iowa:

There will be noteworthy scapegoats used by every campaign to throw reality on the Obama fire. Geraldine F was right. Steve King is right. The commentator that McCain tossed 2-3 weeks ago was partially right. Every campaign has to find a way to stop the Obama groundswell. There is the way we all want it to be and unfortunately there is the way it is.

From a correspondent in Massachusetts:

Do you really think Hillary will settle for VP? I keep thinking she never would.

From Boston Beatnik:

I'm starting to regret not supporting Bill Richardson. He's hilarious.

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