Tuesday, March 4, 2008

RE: The Battle of Tippin, Ohio

From our Correspondent in Ohio:

The weather is rainy and cold today. The polls were crowded at my overwhelmingly Republican voting place. I saw one high school kid voting in her first election. An editorial in the Cincinnati Enquirer says the key to Ohio for Clinton is the Appalachian Southeast and the farming communities of the Northwest. If Kerry had campaigned there he could have picked up the 100,000+ votes he needed to win Ohio.

Bill Clinton did a swing though Ohio last week hitting the small towns in the areas I mentioned. Michelle saw him at a rally at the Ohio Agricultural Research Development Center in Wooster with John Glenn and the Democratic Governor, Ted Strickland. She said there was no security to speak of, no one checked bags, no metal detectors. She only saw one guy she thought was Secret Service.

Cleveland tested their voting equipment on Friday and there were problems. Four of ten Democrats in Ohio live in Northeast Ohio.

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