Sunday, December 27, 2015

Davis Square Will Keep Its Meat Market, But Will It Keep McKinnon's?

McKinnon's in Davis Square, Somerville was closed Christmas Day, so Jim's notice in the window that "there is NO TRUTH to the rumor that McKinnon's is closing" wasn't entirely true. Where are us Scrooges expected to buy turkeys if the market is closed on Christmas Day?

I hadn't heard the rumors, but reportedly there was a bankruptcy filing at the end of November. That could just be a reorganization that let's them remain in business, we'll see. Between public works and new buildings, there has been a lot of disruptive construction across both Cambridge and Somerville that can't be good for small local businesses.

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Anonymous said...

Who is "Jim Mckinnon" ? There hasn't been a "Mckinnon" working there in years. The owner is Greek his name is Kontos.