Friday, June 20, 2014

IRS Commissioner Offers No Apologies

The IRS Commissioner says no apology is owed for the unrecoverable Lois Lerner emails, Nancy Pelosi wants to buy the IRS a new computer system, and Paul Ryan is not going to take it anymore:

I don't usually like the style of legislative hearings. Ostensibly the witness is there to answer questions but, instead of asking thoughtful questions, each legislator instead takes their turn to give speeches. When it's a private citizen, it can be abusive. Does Congress really have the power to subpoena people it doesn't like so that it can administer tag-team lectures?

I feel differently when it's a government employee, as Congress is the boss, and every employee occasionally deserves a good chewing out. If only we could subpoena members of Congress to community meetings where they'd have to listen to our speeches. The most we ever get from national politicians is staged town hall forums where they only answer questions they have rehearsed.

The sad truth is that I trust the Congress even less than I trust the IRS.

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buddeshepherd said...

It is kind of amazing that they don't even try to hide their corruption. Of course, who will get in trouble for deleting all those emails?