Tuesday, May 21, 2013

When It Rains It Doesn't Pour on President Obama

When your friends and enemies start posting the same picture, it may be time to take notice and start doing something different. Last week it was an umbrella. The Baltimore Sun called it The most famous umbrella since Neville Chamberlain went to Munich. John E. McIntyre offered this precipitation:
"Mr. Obama became president by majority vote in two elections whose legitimacy has not been challenged, and he is entitled to the perks that we bestow to our chief magistrates. There is a good deal about his administration that does not bring a spring to my step and a song to my heart, and it would be some service to the public to focus on substantive matters rather than engage in idiotic distractions."
The New Yorker had Obama and the Nixonian Umbrella:

The Blaze had Was It Against Uniform Protocol for the Marine to Hold Obama's Umbrella?

BuzzFeed found pictures of 10 Presidents with Umbrellas and this one of President Obama that makes him look even more ridiculous than in The Blaze:

Zimbio called it GOP Freak-Out: Sarah Palin's Criticism of Obama Over 'Umbrellagate' Hypocritical as Usual, with pictures of a Sarah Palin, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and Nancy Reagan all being sheltered by umbrellas. A curious thing in these other pictures is that all the umbrellas are shown being held to shelter both the dignitary and the person holding the umbrella. President Obama's problem may have been a Marine who was too proud to stand under the umbrella. It's a Marine Corps tradition that only female Marines are authorized to carry umbrellas. Or maybe President Obama's umbrella is just too small.

Speaking of which, here's an old reference to Barack Obama's umbrella in a viral video from March 7, 2008:

March 2008 was a simpler time but not so different than 2013. The country had recovered somewhat from the last recession, everyone was disappointed with the sitting President, the long war in Iraq was about ready to be wound down, and Hillary Clinton was on her way to being elected the next President of the United States. It's five years later, substitute Afghanistan for Iraq, and we are in the same place. Or are we? Only the umbrella knows.
Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we'll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella


Anonymous said...
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buddeshepherd said...

Wow! When you get spam you really get it! Strangely enough, I did not look at a single one of those links posted. Although I almost tried that one with the 0800-700 thing in it. Could have been like a spy website. Completely distracted me from my comment on umbrellas and Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain. Where was I going with that? Only remember the punchline.
Kind of like when the Penguin said the to Walrus, "No, it is just ice cream."

Left Bank of the Charles said...

Well, I found your punchline faster than the government could find the Boston Marathon Bombers:


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