Sunday, January 20, 2013

December Cattle Drive and Cows with Dirty Bottoms

I was back in Iowa in early December, and helped get the herd up for the bred heifer sale. The grass is short due to last summer's drought. We used to do this on foot, now we have ATVs. As the cattle go through the gate, you'll see them kick up their heels.

When you run a cattle herd through a gate, there's always at least one calf that hangs back, tries to run back, or follows down the fence instead of going through the gate. A mother cow usually won't let her calf get separated like that if you are driving the two of them, but in a herd the cow forgets about her calf. It's the herd mentality, safety in numbers.

A new lane runs from the big pasture to the barn. The hours we could have saved if we had built this lane 35 years ago.

The last video reminds me of something that my father said once at the dinner table to no one in particular. "There's a cow at the farm with a dirty bottom." To which my sister replied, "I don't have a dirty bottom."

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