Sunday, May 6, 2012

Meryl Streep to Star in Life of Julia

Meryl Streep will reunite with Amy Adams to star in Life of Julia where they both, along with a child actress still to be cast, will play the Obama administration's composite girlfriend.

I think we've seen this movie before, and it doesn't turn out the way you hope:

Julie & Julia (2009) (PG-13) - Amy Adams stars as Julie Powell and Meryl Streep as Julia Child, as Julie decides to spice up her uneventful life by cooking all 524 recipes outlined in Julia Child's culinary classic Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

Julia (2008) (R) - At an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, Julia Harris (Tilda Swinton) agrees to help her friend Elena (Kate del Castillo) kidnap her son (Aidan Gould) from his industrialist grandfather. But when Julia takes the scheme into her own hands, she quickly descends into a dangerous world of Mexican con men.

Dreaming of Julia (2005) (NR) - In Cuba in 1958, the last year of Fulgencio Batista regime, a boy (Andhy Mendez) is torn between his friendship with a blonde American named Julia (Iben Hjejle) and the strife facing his family headed by his grandfather Che (Harvey Keitel) as a result of the revolution and turmoil in their nation.

Being Julia (2004) (R) - Estranged from her son, willfully ignorant of her husband's philandering and aware that her youth and beauty are fading, aging actress Julia Lambert (Annette Bening, who earned an Oscar nomination for her spirited performance) is in search of a way to regain the spark of passion. And that passion may lie in the smoldering attentions of a much-younger admirer (Shaun Evans) who might not be able to stay faithful to her.

Julia (1977) (PG) - A case of writer's block and a chance to reconnect with lifelong friend Julia (Vanessa Redgrave) prompt American dramatist Lillian Hellman (Jane Fonda) to journey to 1930s Europe. Julia, once a young woman of privilege, has become an antifascism activist and recruits Lillian for a risky undertaking that tests their friendship.

Julia (1974) (R) - Featuring the star of the original Emmanuelle, this erotic comedy from Germany follows the adventures of a young woman determined to lose her virginity while on vacation in Switzerland. Beautiful Julia (Sylvia Kristel) goes to the Alps with one goal on her mind, engaging in a series of romantic adventures as she tries to become a woman.

Movie descriptions cribbed from Netflix.

Update: Uh oh, Iowahawk hits a little too close to the mark. I knew this movie would not have a happy ending.

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