Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ann Coulter Has a Great Idea That Will Never Pay

Ann Coulter has a great idea:

From repeat domestic violence calls to Los Angeles car chases, hit-and-run drivers and the balloon-boy hoax, worthless louts consume vastly more law enforcement resources than the rest of us. Cops in any town will tell you all the domestic violence calls come from the exact same homes, over and over again.

As long as we're looking for new revenue streams, how about billing these white trash low-lifes for their massive consumption of police resources? The dregs of society need to be assessed a fee for their abuse of government services and thrown in debtors prison in the unlikely event that they can't pay.
Unfortunately, it won't pay. The dregs of society are also deadbeats and "the unlikely event that they can't pay" is actually the likely event. And those family memebers who have been calling the cops on them aren't likely to pay either. Debtors prisons are a money loser with little likelihood of collecting any significant revenue.

I will say that if Ann Coulter had a plan to throw people likely to have some money or have people who care about them with some money, debtors prisons would work just great. Based on the experience of a cousin of mine in a foreign country that still has the equivalent of debtors prison, there are no long incarcerations to pay for in that situation.

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