Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ian McFeron and Alisa Milner Eclipsed at Bloc 11

Ian McFeron and Alisa Milner played at Bloc 11 in Union Square, Somerville, Massachusetts on May 5, 2010. Wednesday nights are becoming a folk scene at Bloc 11, if by scene you mean a dozen or so people hanging out in the back of a coffeehouse until the place closes at 9pm.

It's a great setup. You can sit in the cozy back room and take in the stage. Or you can sit in the forward room and take in the fresh air and street scene through the open windows. Or sit in the side courtyard and take in the stars. From any location, the acoustics are good to take in the music.

Ian and Alisa brought their best Bob Dylan and Joan Baez impersonations all the way from Seattle, Washington. The song we came in on rankled us with its trustafarian sensibilities, "Baby you know that I won't need you when I got half a million dollars and a bottle of red wine."

They have been performing this song since at least 2007, before the financial crisis, which begs the question how much of that half a million dollars can be left.

I found myself distracted, however, by a sandwich. The Eclipse combines turkey, pro­sciutto, slices of hard-boiled egg, Gorgonzola cheese, maple dress­ing, and spring greens on whole wheat. The sandwich was great!

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