Tuesday, March 24, 2009

White Owls and The Tim Gearan Band at Toad

Monday is a school night, and usually best spent going to bed early. But I allowed myself to be enticed out to Toad. The first show was the White Owls, lead by longtime Cambridge fixture Dennis Brennan. The second show was longtime Toad fixture Tim Gearan. So it was old school night.

I was out with an old school crew, with one guy bragging on seeing an early Rolling Stones show with Bo Diddley in 1961. Now that would have been a memorable show. And another guy, himself a longtime musician, complaining on the declining quality of the dancing groupies at shows like this. Don't be looking a gift horse in the mouth, I'm thinking.

We were seated in the tables along the wall. The crowd with their backs to us sitting at the bar showed a much higher ratio than usual of women to men. And that’s when it got a little disturbing. The combination of low rider jeans, bare midriffs, and a little winter weight prompted a simple question: Does buttcrack count as cleavage?

Yes, it was decided, it does. Buttcrack is the new cleavage. It has been a long winter.

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