Sunday, February 1, 2009

Boxing Crate and Barrel

The Crate and Barrel store at the corner of Story Street and Brattle Street has closed after almost 30 years in Harvard Square. Since the late 1970s, this was the place for Cambridge yuppies to stock up on their housewares. They had the coolest stuff. Designer glassware imported from Europe. Kitchen gadgets for uses you had never imagined.

If you went to a wedding, a shower, a birthday party, or even an office party with gifts, there was sure to be at least one white box with the black lettering from Crate and Barrel. And year in and year out the staff was always incredibly nice, an endless train of young brides to be who would take the jobs there for the employee discount on their wedding registry.

It was business as usual through Christmas, but in mid-January they announced they were closing and sold the place down to the display cases. On the last day, the store had plenty of people, pawing through the last of the red Christmas and blue Hanukah plates in stunned disbelief.

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