Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm with Stupid

Q: How stupid is Sarah Palin?

A: Yes, her campaign clothes buying spree may have been a full 25% of total retail sales activity for the United States in October. Now insiders are saying she thinks Africa is a country not a continent and South Africa is just a region not its own country. She says she never said that, but would she be wrong? You may want to read up on the African Union, which was formed in 2002 as a confederation of 53 African states. The African Union has a flag, an anthem ("Let Us All Unite and Celebrate Together"), a parliament of sorts, a nascent judiciary, a proposal for a single currency (yes, the Afro), and peacekeeping troops deployed and under fire in Sudan. By the time Sarah Palin runs again for President in 2012 or 2016, Africa may very well be a true country. And with a Senate seat potentially opening up in Alaska, could we soon be seeing Senator Sarah Palin on the world stage?

Q: How stupid is Barack Obama?

A: Word is that Massachusetts Senator John Kerry wants to be Secretary of State. Remember that Kerry voted for the war before he voted against it. I think a good job for him would be U.S. Ambassador to Iraq. Word also is that Larry Summers is on the list to become Secretary of Treasury. For some politically incorrect remarks a few years back, Larry was drummed out of the presidency of Harvard University (some thought unfairly other thought very deservedly). I’m pretty sure Omaha billionaire Warren Buffett gets to pick the new Secretary of Treasury appointment in return for his giving of Barack Obama the capitalist seal of approval during the financial meltdown a few weeks ago. Do the right thing, Warren.

Q: How stupid are we?

A: I’m looking back at the list of goals George W. Bush failed to accomplish and seeing that he wanted to invest our Social Security funds in the stock market. The nominal amount held in the Social Security trust fund these days is $2 trillion. The total tab for funds designated to bail out various companies is now around $1 trillion. Is George W. Bush investing half our Social Security money in the shakiest part of the financial markets as he leaves office?

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