Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mississippi Rising

Caroline Herring played a free gig at Club Passim last night. She says she flew in this afternoon and had to fumble through her purse to find enough loose quarters to pay the $3.50 toll to get through the Ted Williams Tunnel. It was worth every quarter.

Caroline now lives in Atlanta with her husband and two kids, but grew up in Mississippi and then spent some early adult years in Texas. She says that in Mississippi everyone goes around feeling guilty, but in Texas everyone is swelling with pride. She’s got a masters degree in Southern Studies, so we’ll have to accept that as the final word on the subject.

She brings that Mississippi gloom to songs like Paper Gown, a murder ballad about Susan Smith, the woman who back in 1994 drowned her two boys and tried to blame it on a black man.

I’ve been seeing a lot of groups and bands at Club Passim lately, so it was nice to hear a good folk singer with a guitar. Naomi Sommers, the opening act, also fit that bill.

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