Monday, May 5, 2008

All about the Horse Race

The throwdown this past week between Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright saw the televised spectacle of two men fighting for their personal honor, “playing the dozens” in Wright’s words. Reverend Wright lashed out to prevent his life’s work preaching black liberation theology from being written off to history as crackpot lunacy, while Obama finally and definitively put down the once honored mentor from whom he had not received the respect he felt due. If you care to read it, there is an intriguing backstory.

Barack frankly appeared somewhat defeated in his appearance on Meet The Press this morning. He was forced to back pedal on a statement he made three or four weeks back that "Indiana may end up being the tiebreaker." Back then it looked like might overtake Hillary in Indiana, which she had been expected to win, but now it looks like she may pull out the victory after all. So Barack is now saying that all he meant was that Indiana was a “toss-up” and “hardest to gauge in terms of where the voters might go.” Barack has got be waking up to the fact that if he lets this go to tiebreakers, Hillary wins.

Is it all about the horse race? Maybe that’s all there is in a contest where one candidate is trying to create a cult of personality, and the other is running in the shadow of her husband’s cult of personality. If so, the news from today’s running of the Kentucky Derby cannot be welcome in the two campaigns. The favorite, Big Brown, won the race. The second place finisher, Eight Belles, broke two ankles after finishing and had to be euthanatized on the track.

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