Friday, November 2, 2007

Find your candidate

Q: Take the quiz and find your candidate.

A: You call this a quiz? The questions and available choices leave something to be desired. On immigration, where is the choice for stiff fines on employers hiring illegals while establishing a North American Union without doing any of the crazy fence, guest worker, denial of citizenship to kids born in the USA to undocumented parents stuff. And what kind of a question is this on Social Security: “Do you favor the concept of privatization of Social Security to any degree?” Here were my scores:

Dennis Kucinich Score: 21 nutcase
Mike Gravel Score: 21 nutcase
Bill Richardson Score: 20 my first choice, as it happens
Joe Biden Score: 19 idiot, unqualified
Hillary Clinton Score: 18 my third choice, has moved up from fourth
Barack Obama Score: 18 unqualified
Chris Dodd Score: 17 unqualified
Mitt Romney Score: 16 my fourth choice, down from second, would be excellent VP
John Edwards Score: 15 pretty boy
Ron Paul Score: 14 nutcase who wants to repeal 14th Amendment while claiming to be “for” the Constitution
John McCain Score: 12 high personal respect, low political
Rudy Giuliani Score: 11 my second choice, up from third, would feel duty-bound to vote for first pro-choice Republican nominee since Ford
Duncan Hunter Score: 9 who?
Jim Gilmore Score: 9 who?
Sam Brownback Score: 8 who?
Fred Thompson Score: 6 why?
Tom Tancredo Score: 5 who?
Mike Huckabee Score: 3 why?

So Guiliani/Romney would be the best bid the Republicans could make for my vote. Richardson/Clinton would be test best bid the Democrats could make, and I would definitely put aside my sense of duty for that, but that ticket is not going to happen. Of course, I would have to move someplace else for my vote to count, as we know Massachusetts will go for the Dem. Or could Guiliani be competitive in Massachusetts?

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